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How to Use a Simple $7 UV Blacklight Flashlight to Find Tomato Hornworms and Save Your Tomatoes

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In many parts of the country, tomato hornworms are the bain of tomato growers existence. 

However, now there is a solution.

Use a simple $7 UV blacklight to illuminate them at night. 

This is how to do it:

  • Step 1: Locate some leafy vegitation that has been removed or eaten down to the stem.
  • Step 2: Check for some hornworm scat (droppings) - if you can see any
  • Step 3: Use the UV blacklight at night to find the hornworms. Note, that if you find one big one, there are probably dozens of smaller worms. Hornworms usually proliferate BEFORE you even would notice them. 
  • Step 4: Check both tomatoes and pepper plants.
  • Step 5: Dispose of them how you choose. The chickens like them a lot.

The Hornworm Lifecycle

These little guys start off as catepillars and they become very large moths. The moths then lay their eggs at night, and then become more hornworms.

Most bugs and worms don't like Electroculture as well. They will usually steer away from plants with high electrical voltage potential. See how easy it is to implement Electroculture in your garden (click here).

Say Goodbye to Tomato Hornworms, and HELLO to Lots of Tomatoes

The problem with the Hornworms is that they eat all the good folliage that the tomato plant needs to survive and to make the fruit. 

With these hungry pests gone, a better tomato crop for you is what comes next.

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Automated Watering...Means You Don't Have to Hand-Water Your Plants Ever Again

  • 93.5% less water used than traditional gardening
  • Automated watering with no electronic components. No electricity needed.
  • Infinitely recyclable plastic
  • 96 plants/square foot of garden space
  • ...and no weeding ever

Time Efficient

As little as 3 minutes/week in maintenance - mostly just checking it. This is a near-automatic growing system. Easy

Very Efficient in Water Use

8 gallons/week for 96 plants
(Great For preparation gardening
during hard times - Even in the desert)

No More Weeding

No more weeds to pull before Spring planting
AND no weeding during the year. EVER.

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A Grocery Store in Your Own Yard

Remember: The best prepper items are the items you can use everyday of the year. 

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