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How to Get Your Premium Gutter Garden Planters With
78.4% Less Work and NO MORE WEEDING - Ever!

See the Free-Standing Rain Gutter Gardening Method as seen on YouTube Channel "Keep On Growin' " with Mike VanDuzee. Rain Gutter Planter Gardens Are the Perfect Solution

Obtain the Whole Uninterrupted Uncensored Liberated Interview Here

How We Turned Rain Gutter Downspouts into a 3000 Plant Garden that Fed The Whole Family of Six (2 Adults and 4 "Big Eating" Teenagers)

Harvest Like "This" Every 5-8 Days During The Growing Season on Just 100 Plants

(All in Just 15 Mins Per Week...With No Weeding and 93.5% Less Water. Imagine If You Had 2-3 of These WeedFreeGardens on Staggered Planting Schedules!)

Time Efficient

Maximum of 15 minutes/week in maintenance - mostly water filling. Easy

Very Efficient in Water Use

8 gallons/week for 100 plants
(Great For preparation gardening
during hard times - Even in the desert)

No More Weeding

No more weeds to pull before Spring planting
AND no weeding during the year. EVER.

See What Families are Raving About...
...The WeedFreeGarden: Fresh Food, Lifestyle, High Nutrition and Low Work...Just Add Water and Nutrients.

Delivered to Your Kitchen Table for Your Children to Experience
Each Day and Week!

See the Progression of Strawberry Plants Over Just 6 Weeks

(These were grown over the hottest July on record in 2022 - The constant water in the growboxes saved the strawberry harvest. Done-4-You Downspout Gardens can do it. Even in extreme heat in the desert)

See the Progression of "Tom Thumb" Lettuce Plants Over The Same 6 Weeks

(Grown in the shade under a tree during the hottest July on record in 2022. The shade is not a normal place to be able to grow a garden. But, now you can.


Easy to Maintain Growboxes

(Made from premium 3x4 downspouts to hold the most water)

No Dig - Easy Planting While Standing

Stand up while gardening. No more digging or weeding, ever.

Just Add Water and Nutrients

Use your fertilizer or ours. ANYTHING can go into your rain gutter premium downspout garden.

NOTE: The Growboxes-Only Package (below) does NOT come with the tower. If you would like to see the tower packages, this is the page to view (HERE)n.

Get The Done-For-You Growboxes-Only Package. As Seen On YouTube Channel "Keep on Growin' " With Mike VanDuzee

Just $399.95 for One Set of 10 Growboxes

- 100 planting spots
- $3.99/planting spot (or less)
- 5.7 sq feet
- 17.3 plants/sq foot
- 8 gallons water/week for 100 plants

2 Packages or More, get Free Shipping to Your Door.

*We now ship FREE all over the Continental United States, if you order 2 or more

If You Just Want to Dip Your Toe in the Water...

Just $249.95 for a Starter Set of 5 Growboxes

- 50 planting spots
- $4.99/planting spot
- 4 gallons water/week for 50 plants
- NOTE: This 5 growbox package is not pictured, however they are the same growboxes. Thank you.

30 Day - No Questions Asked Guarantee

You are going to love this guarantee. It is the best type of guarantee. 

If you would like to return your WeedFreeGarden for any

     - your significant-other doesn't like vegetables.

     - your kids or grandkids use the growboxes for Starwars lightsabers

     - your dog likes the vegetables so much they are slobbering all over the growboxes

(For any reason)...simply return the WeedFreeGarden in good working order for up to 30 days from the purchase date and receive a full refund back to your original credit card (minus initial shipping cost). Easy as that. 

ALSO, if a part of the tower or growbox arrives "broken in the mail", just take a picture of it and we'll ship you a new part. Or provide a fix for you.

There is no risk to you at all. Just good nutritious food for (about) a lifetime. 

Purchase one or two today. You will love them and will probably want more to grow a bigger garden.

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