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See the Success of "Back to Eden" Gardening

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"Back to Eden" Gardening is the top level of gardening success in the past 10-15 years.


Because it followed principles and had low manual work loads and less water compared to other ground gardening techniques.

See the Most Useful Ground Gardening Documentary of the Last Few Decades

The "Back to Eden" Documentary is here for all to watch. If you do a ground garden, this is the way.

However, know that it still isn't perfected quite yet. (as shown below)

Most bugs and worms don't like Electroculture as well. They will usually steer away from plants with high electrical voltage potential. See how easy it is to implement Electroculture in your garden (click here).

I Love "Back to Eden" Gardening...But...

...the method still has some problems.

  • We have to haul woodchips. Truckloads of woodchips.
  • We have to manually move that many woodchips by wheelbarrows to the garden area.
  • When Paul did this documentary, the woodchips were free. Now, since this documentary came out, the woodchips are costly. It is usually $100 just to get a truck to come out. PLUS the price of the raw woodchips.
  • At some point, the depth of the woodchips becomes a bit of a problem. Especially when in a raised bed garden. (which most people use)
  • Paul was doing this "Back to Eden" gardening technique in the mildly rainy Pacific Northwest. In the desert of Arizona, Utah, The West in general, the air is so dry that it will suck the water out of the ground and woodchips, even to a depth of 8-10 inches of chips. That water-holding capacity wasn't there.
  • Like all ground gardens, once the permaculture is established and working great, you can't take it with you.
  • It takes a few years to get the woodships and compost in good shape permaculture-wise to do anything useful in the garden.
  • Paul's Pacific Northwest area has a LOT of cloudy days in the Summer. Those clouds provide a perfect growing condition in the Summer. The rest of the country doesn't have that many clouds...and runs at 100-105 degrees on the hot Summer days.
  • Many backyard gardeners don't have the ability to have chickens. Thus, no chicken manure for fertilization. Plus, the drudgery of getting all that chicken manure in the first place. A replacement fertilizer is needed.
  • Weeds are easy, but there are plenty of weeds to tend. Lots of work and time.
  • Lack of replenishment of minerals. Minerals do not come from well fertilized and well watered ground. They must be replaced. Else, no mineral nutrition.

As I said before. The "Back to Eden" Gardening techniques are the best of the ground gardening systems from 10-15 years ago. However, it can be better.

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Automated Watering...Means You Don't Have to Hand-Water Your Plants Ever Again

  • 93.5% less water used than traditional gardening
  • Automated watering with no electronic components. No electricity needed.
  • Infinitely recyclable plastic
  • 96 plants/square foot of garden space
  • ...and no weeding ever

Time Efficient

As little as 3 minutes/week in maintenance - mostly just checking it. This is a near-automatic growing system. Easy

Very Efficient in Water Use

8 gallons/week for 96 plants
(Great For preparation gardening
during hard times - Even in the desert)

No More Weeding

No more weeds to pull before Spring planting
AND no weeding during the year. EVER.

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...The WeedFreeGarden - The Easy Do-It-Yourself Vertical Tower Garden System that Provides: Fresh Food, Lifestyle, Very High Nutrition and Low Work...Just Add Water.

Clean Vegetables and Fruit Harvested to Your Kitchen Table for Your Children to Experience FRESH - Every Day and Week!

A Grocery Store in Your Own Yard

Remember: The best prepper items are the items you can use everyday of the year. 

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