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Discover the Only Site on Earth that is Dedicated to Increasing the Efficiency of Backyard Gardening

What Gardening in Your Backyard Can Really Be Like:

  • 96.2% Lower Water Use = Can Garden in the Desert
  • 97.5% Lower Manual Labor in the Garden = Increasing Your ROI on Gardening Time - The Plants Can Nearly Grow Themselves - (Just check on them)
  • No Weeding Ever
  • Highest Quality 92+ Mineral-Dense Organically Self-Grown Plants

What Would You Do With All That Food? (A Prepper's Food-Growing Paradise)

...And We'll Show You How to Do it For FREE

(Nothing to Buy at All - ...this button isn't even a link)

What is This Year's Prize?

The grand-prize this year 2024 is a brand new WeedFreeGarden 96 Model with all the bells and whistles. Including EVERY add-on package that we offer.

  • WeedFreeGarden 96 Model - With Automated Watering and Heat-Sensing Garden Hood
  • Magnetized Structured Water System
  • Automated Nutrient Delivery System
  • Self-Watering Sprouting System
  • Heavy-Duty Ground Mat
  • ...and MORE, if we launch more add-on packages before July 31, 24.

Note: contest terms and conditions apply. See the Terms and Conditions Page Here

To Enter Just Connect With Support Before July 31, 24 With Your Entry Images - Good Luck and Eat Well

Introducing This Year's 2024 Salad Challenge Contest

Our gardening group has doubled over this last year. And so will the applicants for this year's Salad Challenge Contest.

The rules are simple:

  1. Grow more than 75% of your salad volume using your WeedFreeGarden. (obviously meat, nuts, and cheese won't be grown in a garden. grin)
  2. Take some great pictures of you standing next to your WeedFreeGarden showing the plants that go into your salad. (remember to smile)
  3. Take some great pictures of your finished and beautified salad. (Tip: good lighting helps to show off the keen colors)
  4. Make sure to have your entry inbound to us for judging the contest for the greatest looking salad by the end of July 31, 2024.

See What Backyard Weed-Free Gardening Has Already Done...And Can Do For You...

...even in harsh environments like the desert

...and we'll show you how to get these results FOR FREE.

See the Progression of Strawberry Plants Over Just 6 Weeks
(These were grown over the hottest July on record in 2022 - The constant water in the growboxes saved the strawberry harvest. Even in extreme heat in the desert)

See the Progression of "Tom Thumb" Lettuce Plants Over The Same 6 Weeks
(Grown in the shade under a tree during the hottest July on record in 2022. The shade is not a normal place to be able to grow a garden. But, now you can.

Do You Want the Same Seeds That Produced These Results?
Now, you can have them for FREE

Generation 0 - The Ground Garden

The Generation 0 is where we all begin. The typical ground garden. Or maybe we never gardened before in our lives. Have a look at the realities of ground gardening (on the right).

This style of gardening represents all the ground gardening books you have ever read. (We've read them too.):

  • Square Foot Gardening
  • Raised Bed Gardening
  • Lasagna and No Dig Gardening
  • Permaculture Gardening
  • Organic and Heirloom Gardening
  • Gardening When it Counts and Survival Gardening
  • Companion Planting Gardens - Like the Native Americans Did
  • Vertical Gardening
  • Greenhouse Gardening
  • Small Space Vegetable Gardening
  • Container and Barrel Gardening
  • Homestead Gardening
  • Back to Eden "Wood Chip" Gardening
  • Urban Gardening
  • Raised Row Gardening / Sunken Row Gardening (Chinese Style)


  • These ground gardens produce food, some or most of time.

Negatives (reasons for improvement)

  • Approximately 2.5 plants/sq foot (on average, depending on plant size)
  • Ground gardens are placed in the sun. This kills them in the Summer. Our published tests show that even "sun-loving" plants like tomatoes and peppers do better in the shade when over 88 degrees F (ambient temperature).
  • Gardens not portable. Thus, all the money and work used to establish the soil permaculture cannot be transported with you to new home locations. You lose it all when you move. Plus, ground gardens typically can't be done by renters.
  • Breaks the Back/Too Much Bending - For every ground garden (except a super high raised-bed table garden which requires a lot more dirt hauling), the low ground factor means bending and working on the knees all the time. For hours at a time. A little bending is fine, but not a lot of bending and knee-work.
  • Weeding - No matter how much weed-barrier, black plastic, wood chip cover, straw cover, etc...the weeds kept coming. Especially along the borders between the paths and garden areas. The wood in the raised beds CREATE an opening for weeds on both sides of the wood. Creating work and labor.
  • Way too much water use - Even with efficiencies of automatic timers and drip takes bathtubs of water everyday. And even then, in the hot Summer the plants (maybe) would survive.
  • Workload - Between weeding, water-line fixing, de-bugging, transporting all the dirt/soil by wheelbarrow, transporting rock (or other) for garden paths, ammendments, layers of add-on soil every year, fooling with the water timer, shoveling chicken poop (or other poop), checking the plants for health, compost pile management, side-dressing nutrients into the each plant, hand-watering when needed...that is wayyyy to much work for simple food.
  • Not Prepper Perfect - When food growing counts, there has to be a low-work and low-water solution, else there would be more human energy expended in growing the food than the energy the food would input to our bodies. Plus, what happens if the water stops flowing out of the hose? Could enough water be stored? NO.
  • Money - The typical value of organic crops is quite high. But, is that value high enough to justify the workload of my time (or your time) if you were productively working on something else (like a job or a home business?) - If one calculates even at just $25/hour, the answer is usually no.

The reason we struggle with a garden anyways, is because we know that the very best highest quality nutrient dense food can only be grown in our backyard. And can't be purchased at the store.

Generation 1 - WeedFreeGarden

The Generation 1 WeedFreeGarden exceeded all expectations. It is sturdy and has had held up in the weather for years.


  • Under tower storage is helpful
  • Growboxes are cheap to acquire and hold water for at least 1 week - allowing us to take a break from the work.
  • The only work needed is to refill with water and add nutrients, about every 5-7 days.
  • 4.9 Plants /sq foot - (doubling a ground garden immediately)
  • Easily (one person) transportable and can even be moved out of the Sun during the hot Summer season. Renters can now garden too.
  • 96.2% less water use.
  • 94.2% less work.
  • As a prepper garden, I would have no other type of garden.
  • Most materials are easily available at the hardware store so that when a part breaks, it can be easily fixed and replaced. Year after year. (this is a bigger deal than you may think)
  • With a simple ground mat, there is NO WEEDING EVER

Negatives (reasons for improvement)

  • Holds 99 Plants on 20.2 Square Feet = 4.9 plants/sq foot - This is more than 2X the standard ground garden. However, we aren't done yet.

Generation 2 - WeedFreeGarden

The Generation 2 WeedFreeGarden is a masterpiece of outdoor growing.

It has several different sizes. (The largest is pictured)

  • 50 Model = 50 planting spots
  • 100 Model = 100 planting spots
  • 230 Model = 230 planting spots

All you have to do is choose how many plants you want to grow in the space you have. Many people double up the biggest 230 Model yielding over 450 planting spots.


  • Way more planting spots/sq foot. Output goes to 18.6 plants/sq foot. This vertical garden beats the best plants/sq foot of any growing system on Earth. (Commercial or otherwise)
  • Since the same Growboxes were used, the same benefits result: 96.2% less water use, 94.2% less work, easily portable around your yard, great for renters, prepper garden (great), still easily available materials from the hardware store, No Weeding Ever.
  • STILL, The only work needed is to refill with water and add nutrients, about every 5-7 days.
  • This configuration allows for a unique increase in production.
  • Simplier to build and is sturdier. 
  • Will last forever, without maintenance.
  • Can orient the tower North/South to allow for 1/2 sun on both sides, for optimal temperature regulation. 

Negatives (reasons for improvement)

  • Doesn't have integrated leveling. (use shims under the corners)
  • Holds 230 Plants on 11.1 Square Feet = 20.7 plants/sq foot - This is more than 8X the standard ground garden. However, we aren't done yet.

Generation 3 - WeedFreeGarden

The Generation 3 WeedFreeGarden has improved past all imagination in growing. And it is still getting better. (This is our current model)

It is the "sportscar of gardening" and has won awards.

  • 96 plants in just 1 square foot

With all the goodies. Including Automated Watering. Just hook up your hose. It takes care of itself, growing food on near autopilot.


  • Blowing away all concepts of vertical gardening. The 96 Model has 96 plants/sq foot. Nothing else is even close.
  • Because of its smaller footprint, 4 of these Generation 3 towers can fit in the same footprint as the 100 Model above. That is 384 plants in the same as 100 plants in the same footprint and height as above. This is 3.8X.
    • Comparing the 230 model (above) at 6 feet high, that would be 768 plants if we double up this Generation 3 tower on top of each other. This is 3.33X. (which we are working on)
  • Anti-Tip Wide Leveling Feet
  • Uses even less water per plant. Only 8 gallons per week for all 96 plants.
  • Automated Watering. Connect your hose and walk away. No work at all
  • Plant Growing Workhorse (No Electricity Needed) - Since there are no electric pumps, there is no electricity hookup needed. The Generation 3 WeedFreeGarden is meant to grow food fast. Not look pretty hooked to electricity next to the pool. This means that a set of these gardens can be placed ANYWHERE in your yard. Even where electric chords can't go.
  • Nutrient Fertilizer Agnostic - You can use any plant fertilizer solid, dry, liquid, worm castings, rock dusts, mineral solutions, anything can and does work in this Generation 3 WeedFreeGarden.
  • Heat Sensing Garden Hood - Alerts the owner to heat above 88 degrees F. So, the owner can take action ahead of time.
  • Tool-less assembly - no tools required.
  • Even more portable, because it is smaller.
  • Lots of goodies. These are optional add-ons (modestly priced so more people can use them)
    • Automated Nutrient Delivery System
    • Magnetized Structured Water System
    • Self-Watering Sprouting System directly in 2" Netcups (lowers workload in seed sprouting)
  • Smaller packaging and lightweight design is better for shipping in the USA and around the World. Saves fuel for delivery trucks.
  • Food grade plastic that is sun-tempered. Gives many many years without any maintenance. Just hose it out at the end of the season. No work at the beginning of next season.

Negatives (reasons for improvement)

  • Because it is a sportscar it is meant to do one thing very well. Grow small and medium sized plants FAST. So, getting a separate Large Plant Growing Package completed is our next priority. (coming soon)

Generation 4 -  Contest

The Generation 4 WeedFreeGarden has yet to be created.

We listen to our customers and improve the garden all the time.

Tell us what features you want to see in the next garden OR add-on package.

AND if we use the concept and you are the first one to suggest it to us, then we'll send you a new garden or add-on package with that concept integrated into it. 

You get one of the first new updates off the assembly line, for FREE.

NOTE: This is for current customers only. One would have to use the current WeedFreeGarden Generation 3 Model before they could suggest new features of course. 

Access to the Updates Page is done thru the Customer Resource Page which you get after the ordering process. Thank you


  • Allows our own customers to see our updates and tests before taking them live.
  • Builds the community to make the garden better and better over time.

Harvest Like "This" Every 5-8 Days During The Growing Season on Just 96 Plants
(All in Just 15 Mins Per Week...With No Weeding and 93.5% Less Water. Imagine If You Had 2-3 of These WeedFreeGardens on Staggered Planting Schedules!

...BTW - This harvest was created on only a Generation 2 System)

See What Families are Raving About...
...The WeedFreeGarden: Fresh Food, Lifestyle, High Nutrition and Low Work...Just Add Water.

Delivered to Your Kitchen Table for Your Children to Experience
Each Day and Week!

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